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Vital Records Search is available!

December 6, 2007 – 12:16 pm

The Barry County Vital Record search is back! Under ‘Featured Content’ you will see a nice new button which you can click on to bring up the search function. Now, please note that you will NOT be able to view actual certificates, only the indexes. State law prohibits the viewing of certificates online. Also, know that Michigan state law prohibits showing certificates AND index information for birth certificates. BIRTH INFORMATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE AND WILL NEVER BE. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to call the Barry County Clerks Office at (269) 945-1285.

-USGenWeb Archives for Barry County

-Early Birth & Death Records for Barry County, MI. at Michigan Family History

-The Dibean's Marriage Index for Barry County, MI. at MIGenWeb Archives

-Michigan Department of Community Health (GENDIS)
The State of Michigan Division for Vital Records has records of births, marriages, and deaths that occurred in Michigan and were filed with the state since 1867 and Michigan divorce records since 1897. You can order a copy of a Michigan vital record from their Web site, using your credit card, or print out an application form to send to their office.

The Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics has provided Internet access to information from archived death records through the Genealogical Death Indexing System (GENDIS). This system allows the user to search for records using key pieces of information such as the decedent's name, father's last name, and year of death.

--Lynn Kenney offers this additional information for GENDIS as well as for the Family History Center:
Lynn also submitted a Helpful Research Hint in the Mailing list about the GENDISMichigan Death Index. GENDIS is missing many Barry Co. deaths. If you know for a fact that your ancestor died in Barry Co., and he's not on GENDIS, try the LDS microfilms listed below at your nearest Family History Center. If you don't want to use the index, and you're just browsing, you need to know the Barry Co. vital records were often recorded at the end of the year, when the county clerk sorted and entered them by township. For example, if your ancestor was in Assyria Twp. in 1870, you would look at the beginning of the 1870 entries. Likewise, if she were in Yankee Springs, you'd look at the end of the 1870 entries. It's worth using these films for births, especially. State law forbids issuing birth certificates for anyone born fewer than 100 years ago, except to the person named or her parents, to prevent identity theft. But you can photocopy the filmed pages from the county clerk's ledgers for more recent births.
Death index 1867-1976 FHL US/CAN Film 1008317
Death records v. A-B 1867-1920 FHL US/CAN Film 1008318
Birth index 1867-1976 FHL US/CAN Film 1008313
Birth index to v. E 1913-1934 FHL US/CAN Film 1065211 Item 7
Birth records v. A-B 1867-1884 FHL US/CAN Film 1008314
Birth records v. C1-C2 1884-1896 FHL US/CAN Film 1008315
Birth records v. D1-D2 1897-1913 FHL US/CAN Film 1008316
Marriage index 1839-1976 FHL US/CAN Film 1008319
Marriage records v. A1-A2 1839-1866 FHL US/CAN Film 1008320
Marriage records v. B-C 1865-1887 FHL US/CAN Film 1008321

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