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Please limit your request to one name per request.  Put BARRY COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to ensure the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted.  If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time. Thank You!

Calee Leversee
*Michigan Land Records
*US 1850 Census CD with includes Michigan
*1870 Michigan States Index
All 10 volumes

Phyllis Sylvester
*"Barry County, Michigan 1985"
A compilation of photos/biographical info
submitted by family members of the community
to the Historical Society of Barry County in 1985.

Mary Jean Baker
*"History of Allegan and Barry Counties, Michigan 1880 "
It has an index.

Stephanie Briggs
*"Bernard Historical Society's Newsletter"
Issues contain brief biographies/area history.
Stephanie created a name index to search.
Delton, Prairieville, Cressy, Milo, Doster areas included.

Stephanie Briggs
*"Gun Lake Revisited"
By Connie Foreman and Gayle McEnaney

Lynn Kenney
*"History of Woodland, Michigan 1837-1987"
It has an index.
Put WOODLAND LOOKUPS in the subject line of email.

*"History of Woodland Michigan by B. S. Holly, 1937
This book is not indexed.

Lynn also submitted a Helpful Research Hint in the Mailing list about the GENDIS Michigan Death Index.  GENDIS is missing many Barry Co. deaths. If you know for a fact that your ancestor died in Barry Co., and he's not on GENDIS, try the LDS microfilms listed below at your nearest Family History Center. If you don't want to use the index, and you're just browsing, you need to know the Barry Co. vital records were often recorded at the end of the year, when the county clerk sorted and entered them by township. For example, if your ancestor was in Assyria Twp. in 1870, you would look at the beginning of the 1870 entries. Likewise, if she were in Yankee Springs, you'd look at the end of the 1870 entries. It's worth using these films for births, especially. State law forbids issuing birth certificates for anyone born fewer than 100 years ago, except to the person named or her parents, to prevent identity theft. But you can photocopy the filmed pages from the county clerk's ledgers for more recent births.
Death index 1867-1976 FHL US/CAN Film 1008317
Death records v. A-B 1867-1920 FHL US/CAN Film 1008318
Birth index 1867-1976 FHL US/CAN Film 1008313
Birth index to v. E 1913-1934 FHL US/CAN Film 1065211 Item 7
Birth records v. A-B 1867-1884 FHL US/CAN Film 1008314
Birth records v. C1-C2 1884-1896 FHL US/CAN Film 1008315
Birth records v. D1-D2 1897-1913 FHL US/CAN Film 1008316
Marriage index 1839-1976 FHL US/CAN Film 1008319
Marriage records v. A1-A2 1839-1866 FHL US/CAN Film 1008320
Marriage records v. B-C 1865-1887 FHL US/CAN Film 1008321

Sara Rice
*Portrait and Biographical Album
of Barry and Eaton Counties, Michigan, 1891

Mila Swartout-Powell
*"YEARS GONE BY" compiled by Prosper G. Bernard, M.D.
of the Bernard Historical Society printed in 1967
Covers areas of Doster, Prairievillle, Cressey,
Milo, Orangeville, Hickory Corners, & Delton.
*"Records of Service of the 8th Michigan Infantry" (Civil War)
Lists service records of 8th MI Infantry in the Civil War. Indexed.

Gene Lewis
Includes history on MAPLE GROVE.
Gene is a descendant of LEMUEL LEWIS,
(an 1845 settler in Hastings Tsp)
and three ROUSH Brothers who settled in Barry County in the 1850's
(George Roush in Baltimore Tsp, Michael & John Roush in Freeport, MI)
and has lots of info on their descendants and ancestors.

Daniel Wesley Linderman
*Barry County Deaths in Liber "A" "B" & "C"
"I have photo copied these records at the Hastings Public Library from Microfilm on file at the Hastings Public Library, Hastings, Barry County, Michigan." To receive the complete transcription of the record by email (FOR FREE), please follow the instructions below:

Go to the Barry County Clerks Vital Records page and find your ancestors' information in the death section as listed below: There are a few rules to follow:

1st: The people must look up the records they want me to transcribe and then send this information to me by E-Mail.
        1. Name of individual
        2. Liber and Page of record
        3. The year of death

2nd: If they wish to have a photo copy of the record sent to them by U.S. Postal Service, I need a stamped self return envelope sent to me at:
        Daniel Wesley Linderman
        6405 Thornapple Lake Estates, LOT 287
        Nashville, MI 49073

with a check or money order to cover the cost of photo copying the records they requested. I'll have go to the Hastings Public Library to get the pages at $.30 (30 cents) per page, each of these records are two pages (a left and a right side).
3rd: I can make a copy of the record with my scanner and E-Mail this to them, but they are often large and take a long time to send. BUT, I will do this for them and then they can print it out themselves.

Please remember, Daniel has ONLY Liber A, B & C and you must locate the basic information from the Barry County Vital Records site to send to Daniel so he can locate the correct record for you. Daniel is in the process of getting Birth Books B & C photocopied as money permits. If he have the pages of these two photo copied, he will transcribe them; BUT, he will not make special trips to the Library to get pages. His income is limited.

This is a most generous offer, folks, so please follow the directions and THANK YOU DANIEL!!

You may also send your requests with a  self addressed and stamped envelope to:
        Hastings Public Library
        Attn: Genealogy Club
        121 S. Church St.
        Hastings, MI. 49058

The Genealogy Club meets the last Tuesday of the month and performs this service for the Hastings Library.

If you would like to be added to or taken off the Look-up list, please e-mail me

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