Barry County, Michigan

Assyria Township:
  Assyria Cemetery Section 22, Assyria Road/M-66 Bellevue 
  Bell Cemetery Section 26, Wing Road, Bellevue 
  Ellis Cemetery Section 9, Lacey Road/County Road 412, Bellevue 
  Checkered Cemetery Section 31, off Woods Rd, Battle Creek 

Baltimore Township:
  Dowling Cemetery  Sections 21 and 22, Tebo Rd, east of M-37, Dowling 
  Striker Cemetery  Section 3, Davison Road, Hastings 

Barry Township
  Dewey Cemetery  Section 32, Hickory Corners
  East Hickory Corners (Mill) Cemetery  Section 21, Boyes Rd, Hickory Corners 
  North Cemetery  Section 21, Kellogg School Rd/County Rd 603, Hickory Corners 

Carlton Township
  Cheney Cemetery Section 12, Brown Rd/Co Rd 446, Carlton Center
  Fuller Cemetery  Section 24, Charleton Park Rd/Co Rd 583, Hastings 
  West Carlton Cemetery  (link to transcription by Sara Colburn)  

Castleton Township
  Barryville Cemetery  Section 32, M-79, Nashville 
  Coats Grove Cemetery  (Brethren/Old Dunkard) Section 3, off Coats Grove/Co Rd 440, Woodland
  Hosmer Cemetery  Section 23, State Rd/Co Rd 436, Nashville 
  Lakeview Cemetery  (Nashville) Section 36, Gregg St., Nashville 
  Stoney Point (AKA Warner) Cemetery  Section 16, Wellman Rd/Co Rd 436, Nashville 

Hastings Township
   Barry County Poor Farm (Potters Field) , Section 27, Co Rd 430, Hastings
   Hastings Cemetery (Sponable/Valley Home) Section 27, McKeown Rd, Hastings 
   Mount Calvary Cemetery Section 18, State St/M-37, Hastings 
   Riverside Cemetery Section 7, W. State Rd/Co Rd 438, Hastings 

Hope Township
  Brush Ridge Cemetery  Section 9, Wilkins Rd, Hastings 
 Cedar Creek Cemetery  Section 36, Cedar Creek Rd/Co Rd 601, Dowling 

Irving Township:
  Freeport Cemetery  Section 1, Maple St, Freeport 
  German Settlement Cemetery (Fuller)  Section 2, Eckert Rd/ Co Rd 446, Freeport 
  Irving Cemetery  Section 34, W. State Rd/Co Rd 438, Middleville 

Johnstown Township:
  Banfield Cemetery  Section 18, Osborne Rd, Delton 
  Johnston (Iden) (Culver) Cemetery  Sections 27 and 28, Fine Lake Rd/Co Rd 400, Battle Creek 

Maple Grove Township:
   German Evangelical (Dillbahner/Old Evangelical) Cemetery  Section 9, Bivins Rd west of Assyria Rd, Nashville
   Quaker (Old Quaker/Lapham) Cemetery Section 26, off Guy Rd, Nashville
   Union/Joy Cemetery Section 31, Butler Rd and North Ave/Co Rd 583, Dowling 
   Wilcox (Maple Grove) Cemetery Section 22, Cloverdale Rd/Co Rd 420, Nashville

Orangeville Township
   Brown Old/New Cemetery Section 32, Lindsey Rd, Martin 
   Oakhill Old/New (Orangeville) Cemetery Section 17, off 9 Mile Rd, Martin 

Prairieville Township
   Cressy Cemetery Section 33, Cressy Rd/Co Rd 400, Doster 
   Lindsey (Wait) Cemetery Section 5, Pine Lake/Co Rd 412 and Lindsey Rd, Doster
   Prairieville Township Cemetery Section 2, Pine Lake Rd, Delton 

Rutland Township
  Rutland Cemetery  Section 9, Upton Rd, Hastings 

Thornapple Township
  Mount Hope / I.O.O.F Cemetery  Section 23, State Rd/Co Rd 438, Middleville 
  Parmalee Cemetery Section 3, Parmalee/Co Rd 446, Middleville 

Woodland Township
  Mauch/Jordan Cemetery  Section 4, Brown Rd/County Rd 446, Lake Odessa 
  Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery Section 27, Velte Rd, Woodland 

Yankee Springs Township:
  Bowen Mills / Bowerman Cemetery
  Coman Cemetery  Section 4, Shaw Lake Rd, Middleville 
  Hill Cemetery  Section 11, Bowen Mills Rd, Middleville
  Duffy (Jesuit Catholic) Cemetery  Section 34, Sager Rd/Co Rd 428, Delton
  Robbins Cemetery  Section 19, Chief Noonday Rd/Co Rd 430, Bradley 
  Yankee Springs Cemetery  Sections 34 and 35, Duffy Rd, Shelbyville 

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